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Buoyant lifeline

A、Technical parameter

  • Material:pp filament rope

  • Length:30m

  • Diameter:Φ8mm

  • Size of floating ring: outer diameter 16.5cm, internal diameter 10cm

  • Buoyant lifeline includes a lifebuoy rings and a safety hook.

  • It is suitable for the lifesaving ring and is used to throw the lifebuoy rings to the drowning personnel.

  • Certification: manufacturer certification

B、 Usage method

     Drop the floating ring to the drowning man, and the drowned man sets the ring on his arm and then bend his arm. Such as drowning a floating ring after dragging the buoyant, rescued.

C、Scope of application

  • Necessary for swimming pool;

  • Necessary for marine fishing boat;

  • Necessary for marine life saving;

  • Necessary for outdoor sports.

D、Life rope features

  • High strength;

  • Small elongation;

  • Good resistance;

  • Strong pulling force;

  • Floating;

  • Anti aging;

  • Corrosion prevention.

E、 Precautions for the use and storage of the lifesaving rope

  1. When used, the rope can not be overloaded with the impact or load, otherwise, there will be broken and even broken rope.

  2. Should be stored in a dry and ventilated place at ordinary times, in order to prevent mildew change.

  3. The use of washing. After soaking should be promptly put in ventilated dry place or dry, avoid long time exposure.

  4. Frequent inspection, if the rope wear is found to be larger or more than 1 / 2 strands are worn off, should be stopped  use immediately.

  5. The user should check the load regularly, if no broken stock or breakage, the user can continue to use it.

  6. The lifeline in the custody, avoid contact with the sharp objects. If acid or alkali substance is contaminated, it should be rinsed and dried immediately.

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