YYF -I  Immersion suits Operating instructions

Writer: Lily Wang
March 02,2018
DX Marine tech department


The YYF-I immersion suits is manufactured for the operator who working on board and on the offshore platform in cold and adverse circumstances to save life and heat insulation, it consists of a foamed rubber compound-material for the diving-suit, and the jacket, pants, gloves and boots joints together, the suit can cover the whole human-body except face. and posses floating, watertight and thermal insulation functions. It is equipped with lamp, whistle and safety hanger, and do not need to wear the other lifesaving clothing, there are specifications to choose for the operator who is 1.75~1.9m height and lower than 1.75m.

Main performance

Water permeability amount is less than 200g after the wearer has floated on water one hour.

The wearer can turn over within 5 seconds so that the face toward up and the mouth 120mm above the water level, after 24 hours soaking in water the floating-loss of the suit is less than 5%.

The wearer soaks in stationary water of 0~2℃ after 6 hours, the body temperature reducing is not more than 2℃, the temperature of hands and foots skin is not lower than 10℃.

Wearing instructions

The wearer shall choose the suitable immersion suits, in accordance with the body-height, wearing procedures as follows:

When use lifejacket light rafers to operating instructions brief introduction, please turn on the lamps only by need.

  Points for attention for maintenance

1. The immersion suits shall be stored at a ventilate cool and dry place, and it must be protected from high temperature and sun light, no contact with acid, alkali, salt and oil, and no heavy weight pressing on the suit long time to avoid damaging of the suit and the waterproof line. It is normal that there are some packing wrinkles on the suit during storage.

2. No contact with sharp matter to avoid damaging of the waterproof line, pay attention to mouse in the storage place to avoid the suit is bitted by mouse.

3. Inner clothing of the lifesaving suit shall be turned out periodical to dry if it is worn often, to wash the suit, please use a neutral washing agent and soft brush, after washing use clean water completely to rinse and let it natural dry.

4. Please do not pull down the switch(ring)to turn on the suit lamp during storage and only do it by need, otherwise the lamp is damaged or the lithium-battery is depleted.

5. Please check the suit at regular intervals, if it is discovered that the suit is damaged or no water-tight, the suit must be repaired.


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