Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket

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A、 Technical parameter

  • Material: Glass Fiber

  • Size: 1.2m*1.8m (4ft*6ft)

  • Thickness: 1mm

  • Fire blanket mainly adopts fireproof non-combustible fiber, after a special process treatment.

  • Main characteristics: Non-combustible, high temperature (550~1100℃), the texture is soft, smooth, tight, and does not stimulate the skin.

  • Fire extinguishing principle: Covering fire, cut off the air, to achieve the purpose of fire.

B、Using a fire blanket

  • Fire blankets are often found in galleys and pantries and are suitable for contained fat fires (e.g. chip pan), contained liquid fires, and other small fires.

  • If the fire blanket does not have specific protected hand holds fold back the top edge over the hands to protect them. Allow the blanket to afford protection by letting it hang in front of you. This is achieved by holding your hands up and apart. Hold the blanket so as to keep heat and flame off your face and body, but do not obscure your vision.

  • Advance and lay the blanket over the fire. If it is a liquid fire make sure the blanket is stretched so that it does not dip into the liquid. Do not throw the blanket down, as this may drive air into the fire and cause it to be more intense or cause a plume of flame.

  • Once the fire has been extinguished do not remove the blanket until the previously burning item has had time too cool. Removing the blanket too soon may allow re-ignition.

  • A person with burning clothes should be laid on the floor and wrapped in the blanket; but do not leave them within the blanket as this may trap heat and so cause more injury.

C、Approved:  CE- EN1869:1997

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