Handheld Explosion-Proof Light (CCS)

Handheld Explosion-Proof Light (CCS)

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Handheld Explosion-Proof Light


     GB 3836.1-3-83

B、Main performance & technical indicators

1. ZDL-102 aluminum alloy material is used for die casting and coated with high-quality paint.

2. There is no through hole in the light housing, and the reed switch and the structure of the strong magnetic switch are used to ensure the explosion-proof performance.

3. The light has a safety locking screw to ensure that the light is not open in flammable and explosive places.It can only be used in a safe place by a special wrench to turn off the light cover when the power is turned off (the spare hex wrench should be kept by someone).

4. Using a DC power supply, battery 1 * 6 section.

5. Set photovoltaic beads: 7.2V 0.5A.

6. Set the illumination: 130LX lamps 10 meters away.

7. The use of ambient temperature -25℃~ +40℃, the relative temperature of the environment ≤ 90%.

Special note: The battery or bead must be opened to replace the cover when the power is turned off in a safe place. After installation, the safety lock screw must be tightened and the light cover must be fastened. Do not injure the flameproof thread and ensure it is clean and smooth.

C、Use and maintenance     

     Replace battery:Turn off the power at the time of replacement, loosen the safety locking screw, unscrew the light cap, remove the battery and replace it.

     Replace beads: Remove the light cap then replace the new one with the original one.

D、Pay attention to matters

1. The light shall be stopped when it is used in the following conditions: The shell is found to be deformed, cracked, the cover and the thread on the housing are severely scratched or damaged and the glass is cracked.

2. It is forbidden to modify the explosion-proof light or randomly exchange explosion-proof light parts.

3. Not suitable for use in a strong magnetic field, strong acid, strong alkali environment.

4. When the battery is not used for a long time, the battery must be removed to prevent the battery medium from corroding the light.

5. The normal service life of this product is three years and it will be used for degraded overtime.



                                                                Class I

  For use in any vessel, including those where flammable gases or vapours may occur. lamps of this class are suitable for use on oil tankers but may not be suitable for all flammable cargoes. Any lamp supplied to a particular vessel must be suitable for use with.     

                                                                Class II

  For use in vessels where there is no risk of flammable gas or vapour. lamps of Class II already accepted may remain, but no further lamps will be accepted in this class.     

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