Life Jacket Light YYYD(ZY)

Life Jacket Light YYYD(ZY)

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Lifejacket Light


Technical parameter  

  • Luminous intensity:≥ 0.75cd

  • Duration: ≥ 8h

  • Light Type:Flash

  • Flash frequency:50~70 times/min

  • Lamp-house:LED/White

  • Battery:CP502440 

  • Operation temp:-1℃~+30℃

  • Operating Voltage:3V

  • Validity:5 years


SOLAS 1974 as amended LSA, MSC.81(70), MSC.200(80), MSC.226(82), MSC.323(89) and GB/T5869-2010. 

Overall Performance & Requirement

YYYD type lifejacket light touch water from light turn-off, flash mode.

The light will be operational throughout the air temperature range -1℃to+30℃, and its luminous intensity will not be affected due to the changing of temperature and power source, and its normal working duration shall be more than 10 hours.

Installation instructions

  1. YYYD type life jacket installations will light fixed clip into fixed with life jacket, with cords of attachment prison, can be fixed lamp life jacket.

  2. YYYD type lifejacket lights use method: When the lifejacket light touch water, lifejacket lights automatically emit white light signal. Off switch: hand presses the OFF key, lifejacket light is in the closed position ( position OFF ).    

  3. Test methods: The jacket lamp touch water exposed to water lifejacket light emits white light signal. Battery capacity indicator light: means the battery capacity adequate (to ensure that the working time is greater than 8 h );Indicator light does not shine : the shortage of battery capacity ( cannot guarantee the work of 8h).

Approve: ZY

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