Gas Detector (DX-BH-90)

Gas Detector (DX-BH-90)

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Single-gas detector

Type: DX-BH-90


      DX-BH-90 portable single gas detector can make continuous detection to combustible and toxic gases. The detector, adopting excellent-quality sensor, makes detection in the way of natural diffusion. It has good sensitivity and reproducibility. The detector adopts embedded MCU controller, easy to operate.The shell adopts special high strength material and anti-smooth rubber, with the characters of water-proof and dust-proof.

      DX-BH-90 is a high price portable single gas detector. It adopts the mainstream 8 bit micro control technology. It has quick response speed, high precision, good stability and repeatability and simple operation. It is compact and highly waterproof, and it can withstand the test of harsh environment. Bring your flashlight to facilitate temporary operation in dark environment. Built in 1500mA large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, super long standby; using 12864 dot matrix LCD screen can perfect display of various technical indicators and gas concentration value, can view historical alarm data, and have data storage function. It is suitable for explosion-proof, toxic gas leakage, leakage, underground pipeline, mine, metallurgy, power plant, chemical, tunnel, tunnel and other places, effectively preventing the occurrence of poisoning accidents, ensuring the safety of the workers' lives and preventing 

Technical parameter

  Product type    


  Sampling method    

  Diffusion type (Sampling pump optional)    


  Large LCD    

  Alarm method    

  Audio, Visual LED and Vibratory    

  Alarm features    

  Alarm light: Red LED flashes alarm, ≥20m Alarm sound: Buzzer alarm ≥75dB Vibration alarm    

  Working environment    


  Power Supply    

  3.7V Rechargeable lithium battery    

  Gas Sensor Life    

  2 years    

  Charging time    

  Less than 5 hours    

  Data record    

  1000pcs data storage    

  Working time    

  8h continuously    

  Password protection    

  Password protection and password modification    

  Recovery operation    

  Support restore factory calibration function, restore factory parameter setting function.   

  Explosion-proof grade    

  Exib IIB T3 Gb    


  Electrochemical and Catalytic sensor.Other gases needed, please contact supplier    

  Additional function    



0-95%RH (no dew)  

  Shell material    





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