Gas Detector  (DX-BH-4S)

Gas Detector (DX-BH-4S)

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4 in 1 Multi-gas detector

Type: DX-BH-4S


     The DX-BH-4S portable multi-gas detector is used to detect the gas concentration by natural diffusion, using the latest 32 bit microprocessor and imported industrial grade sensor. The response time is fast, the measurement accuracy is high, and the stability and repeatability are good. 2.4 inch LCD screen, resolution 320*240 high definition interface display, with computer analysis, Chinese and English switching and other auxiliary functions, the whole machine meets the national standard of measurement production.

     It can continuously detect the concentration of toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive gases in the working environment. It is suitable for explosion protection, toxic gas leakage and emergency rescue, underground pipelines, mines, metallurgy, power plants, chemical industry, tunnels, tunnels and other places. Effective prevention of poisoning accidents, ensuring the safety of workers is not infringed, and production equipment is not damaged.


  • Chinese and English switching

  • USB interface data upload with computer software

  • Four alarm: Sound, light, vibration, display

  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Explosion-proof

  • High cost performance

  • Light and convenient, easy to carry

Technical parameter

  Product type    



  Electrochemical and Catalytic sensor. Normal gases: EX, O2, H2S, CO. Other gases needed, please contact supplier    


EX: (0~100)%LEL; 

O2: (0~30.0)%vol; 

H2S: (0~100)ppm; 

CO: (0~1000)ppm  


EX: 1%LEL; 

O2: 0.1%vol; 


CO: 1ppm  



  Sampling method    

  Diffusion type (Sampling pump optional)    


ppm、 mg/m3、 %VOL、 %LEL  

  Response Time(T90)    


  Language display    

  Chinese and English switching    


  LCD displays real-time and system status    

  Color curve    

  Colorful LCD gas curve display. It shows the change of gas concentration in a short period of time, which is convenient for comparative analysis and observation data change.    

  Alarm method    

  Audio, Visual LED, Vibratory and LCD Indicators    

  Alarm features    

  Alarm light: Red LED flashes alarm, ≥20m Alarm sound: Buzzer alarm ≥75dB Vibration alarm    

  Working environment    


  Power Supply  

  3.7V, 1800mA Rechargeable lithium battery    

  Gas Sensor Life    

  2 years    

  Charging time    

Charging time is less than 7 hours, continuous working for more than 8 hours.  

  Data record  

  500pcs data storage    

  Data upload    

  USB interface data upload with computer software    

  Password protection  

  Password protection and password modification    

  Recovery operation    

  Support restore factory calibration function, restore factory parameter setting function.   

  Explosion-proof grade    

  Exib IIB T3 Gb    


  0-95%RH (no dew)    

  Shell material    




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