Gas Detector (DX-BH-4A)

Gas Detector (DX-BH-4A)

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4 in 1 Multi-gas detector

Type: DX-BH-4A


     DX-BH-4A yellow and black version four in one gas detector, the body is light and handy, easy to master, high strength ABS shell, comfortable handle. Compression, anti fall, strong sealing, no fear of rain, more durable, high quality material casting toughness, abrasion and anti fall advantage. Using ultra high decibel beep alarm, the two level three alarm (sound, light and vibration) is not easy to be ignored and the security is high. High and low alarm values can be set. Rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery. The capacity of the battery is 2000 Ma and it works 8 hours continuously.


  • Three heavy alarm

  • Industrial sensor

  • High definition screen

  • Large capacity battery

  • High cost performance

  •   Anti compression and fall prevention

  • Strong sealing

  • Do not fear the rain

  • Durable

  • Light and convenient, easy to carry  

Technical parameter

Operating & Storage Environment

Temperature: -20°C~55°C (-4F~122F) Humidity: 5%-95% (Relative humidity non-condensing) Pressure: 95~110kPa

  Sampling method  

  Diffusion type  

  Detecting Range  

CO: 0~1000ppm
H2S:0~100 PPM 
O2: 0~30%vol 
Combustible Explosive Gas (Ex / LEL / CH4): 0~100%LEL


O2 /H2S / CO: plug-in electrochemical sensor Combustible gas (LEL): plug-in catalytic combustion sensor

  Alarm Type  

  low & high alarm, multiple gas alarm, sensor alarm, battery low alarm, prompt tone, automatic shutdown alarm  


0.1%VOL (O2), 1ppm (CO), 0.1ppm (H2S), 1%LEL (EX)


3% F.S

  Response time  




  Zero drift  



  Alphanumeric large LCD displays the real time gas concentration and alarm stage  


  Automatically activated when working in poor lighting environment or the alarm sounding or the button is knobbed down.  

  Self-checking Function  

Self-checking Battery power, display, sensor, hardware failure



  Protection grade  


  Power Supply  

  Rechargeable lithium battery  





  Shell material  


  Sensor life  

  2 years  

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Packaging standard: aluminum box, mainframe, manual maintenance card, lanyard, data cable, charger, calibration cover

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Gas Detector & Gas sampling pump

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