Fireman Boots

Fireman Boots

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Approve: EC MED



Fireman Boots


     EN ISO 20344,EN ISO 20345

B、 Introduction

     Electrical Insulating fireman boots, with rubber uppers, a protective toe cap, a flame retardant rubber outsole and a comfortable woven cotton canvas lining. 

C、 Key Features

  • Flame retardant rubber upper with heat insulation and chemical resistance    

  • Flame retardant, fuel oil resistant and slip resistant rubber outsole    

  • Withstands 18kV and high temperature    

  • Cold insulating outsole construction    

  • Steel midsole that withstands pins and sharp objects    

  • Steel toe cap (EN ISO 20345)    

  • Comfortable woven cotton canvas lining

D 、Approved: EC MED SOLAS

Technical Specification for Article 9687L

Product: Electrical Insulating Fireman Boot


Black / Yellow  

Size range

Euro: 36 – 50 

UK: 3½ - 14½ 

US: 4½ - 15½  

Type of construction

Vulcanized Rubber Upper and Sole  

Last / Sole Pattern

  VSV / NJV  


  • Structural fire fighting 

  • General fire rescue 

  • Bush fire fighting  


European Standard CE Approved – 

EN 15090 : 2006 (F2 IS HI3 P T CI) 

EN ISO 20345 : 2004 (SB P E CI SRA)

Australia New Zealand Standard Approved- 

AS/NZS 4821 : 2006 (P E T I HI)

F2 = Type 2 footwear for firefighters suitable for fire rescue, fire suppression, property conservation & etc. 

SB = Standard Basic Protection as per EN ISO 20345 / MS1599 

IS = High Electrical Resistance Outsole 

HI3 = Heat Insulation Level 3 

CI = Cold Insulation 

SRA = Slip Resistance on ceramic tile with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 

E = Heel Energy Absorption 

P = Penetration Resistance 

T = Toe Protection 

HRO = Resistant to hot contact

CSA Z195-09 / ASTM F 2413-11 

Grade 1 Toe protection 

Penetration resistance 18 kV

Electric Shock Resistance (ESR) protection

Council Directive 96/98/EC On Marine Equipment (MED)

complies Module B & D requirements

Lining Material

  • Extra comfort with woven cotton canvas  

Upper construction

  • Flame retardant upper with heat insulation 

  • Reinforced rubber 

  • Waterproof 

  • High visibility with black and yellow contrast  

Sole / Heel

  • Flame retardant rubber outsole  

  • Fuel oil resistant sole suitable for inimical environment  

  • Slip resistant vulcanized rubber outsole  

  • Excellent abrasion resistant for extra durability  

  • Withstand 18kV of life current at dry condition  

  • Heel energy absorption design to minimize heel impact  

  • Catered to enter high temperature 

  • Cold insulation sole construction  

Steel Midsole

  • Non-corrosive stainless steel 

  • Withstands pin & sharp objects  

Steel Toe Cap

  • Epoxy coated toe caps 

  • Meets EN ISO 20345 impact and compression tests 

  • Reliable protection in cold & hot environments  

Chemical Resistant

  • Sole & Upper – Resistant towards mild acids and alkalines  


  • Lacquer coating for weather protection  


  • Recyclable Polybag & 6 pairs in a carton  

*Specifications of the product are subject to changes without prior notice for further enhancements.

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