Fireman Axe

Fireman Axe

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Fireman Axe

 A、Technical parameter

  • Length: 280mm

  • Width: 160mm

  • Weight: 0.8kg

  • High voltage resistance:20000V

  • Material : High quality carbon steel calcined, rubber with insulated handle


     Good breaking, short and light, beautiful appearance, sharp edge, strong and durable, handle with rubber sleeve, no handle when it is used. The tip of the knife is crescent and the blade is treated with multiple times of fire. The blade and handle are made of high quality steel.

C、 Instructions     

     Fireman’s axes have a short wooden or insulated handle. One side of the head has a cutting edge and the other side a spike. A belt and pouch allows a fire-fighter to carry the axe and keep both hands free.

     Fireman’s axes is a multi-purpose rescue hand tool that can quickly replace various hand tools according to different occasions to meet the requirements of special rescue environment. Hammers are used to cut various structures of doors, windows and locks, and also to demolishing and striking some building materials. They can be chopped, smashed, opened and broken by axe blades. The notch on the upper half of the axe head can be used as a cap opener and a pull button tiger for needling. It is one of the tools for disaster relief and and rescue, and it is also a necessary tool for the survival of the field activities.

     It is widely used, whether it is a disaster relief, camping tent and fire when they need it. It is a very practical, convenient and easy to compact portable tool. It is also very suitable for the field of exploration, tourism, camping, mountaineering and science. Can be buckled on the belt to carry, very convenient to use. In addition, the fireman’s axes is also necessary for the marine fireman’s equipment.

     Long handled axes (felling axes) may also be provided, but are not usually a statutory requirement.

D、 Use and maintenance instructions

     After the axes is used, it is necessary to clean up the dust on the surface and hole of the axes. A layer of lubricating oil must be applied to the surface of the axes to prevent the axes from rusting, then stored properly for reuse.

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