EC/MED Fire Fighting Equipment (6.8L)

EC/MED Fire Fighting Equipment (6.8L)

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 Each locker contains:

  • 1  Fireman's outfit box (G.R.P, segregation compartment type)

  • 1  protective clothing

  • 1  pair of fireman boots

  • 1  pair of fire resistant gloves

  • 1  rigid helmet c/w visor & neck curtain

  • 1  safety lamp

  • 1  fire axe with insulated handle

  • 1  self-contained breathing apparatus (6.8L)

  • 1  life line 30m c/w snap-hook and belt

Approve:  EC MED SOLAS

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Protective Clothing For Fire Fighting

  • Water proof: Hydraulic pressure ≥4000 Pa

  • Heat radiation resistance: Under the heat radiation with 10kw/㎡, the increase of tempeature on inner-surface not over 25℃, after irradiated for 30 seconds.

  • Material: Aramid fiber

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Fireman Boots

    • Flame retardant rubber upper with heat insulation and chemical resistance 
    • Flame retardant, fuel oil resistant and slip resistant rubber outsole 
    • Withstands 18kV and high temperature 
    • Cold insulating outsole construction 
    • Steel midsole that withstands pins and sharp objects 
    • Steel toe cap (EN ISO 20345) 
    • Comfortable woven cotton canvas lining

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Fire Fighter’s Gloves

  • Cow-nappa leather

  • Lining with cut resistant insulation material (100% Para-aramide)

  • Eurotex membrane

  • Elastic tightening at the wrist

  • Kevlar thread

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Fire Fighting Helmet

  • Extreme temperature resistance (UP TO 1,000°C IN A 10 SECOND FLASH OVER FLAMES)

  • Long-term temperature resistance (UP TO 250°C / 30 MIN, RADIANT HEAT TEST 14 kW/m2)

  • High resistance to mechanical impacts

  • Low-temperature classification –30°C

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Safety Lamp

  • Rated Voltage: 2.4V

  • Degree of IP: IP67

  • Class of Explosion-proof: Exd II CT6 Gb

  • Use a battery-powered standard (2 x1. 5 v), incandescent bulbs.

  • Working time:15h

  • Scope of application: sites with IIA, IIB, IIC gas and a class of two types.

  • Weight: 150g (no battery, containing battery 300g)

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Fireman Axe

  • Length: 280mm

  • Width: 160mm

  • Weight: 0.8kg

  • High voltage resistance:20000V

  • Material : High quality carbon steel calcined, rubber with insulated handle

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Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

DX-marine self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is widely used in fire control, chemical, ship, oil, smelting, electric power, warehouse, laboratory, mine and other key departments for fire fighting, fire, gas, steam, and oxygen. It is a safe and effective for fire extinguishing and rescue. An ideal personal breathing protection device.

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Fireproof Lifeline

    • Length :  ≥30m 
    • Diameter: 5mm 
    • Breaking load 3.5 kN 
    • High pressure resistance 20000V 
    • Material 
Ф5mm steel wire rope with rubber cover and two hook

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Safety Belt

  • Weight: 0.5kg

  • Bearing weight 887.8 kg

  • Length 115.5 cm    

  • Width  7.5 cm  

  • Features: wear resistance, flame retardancy, working pull 4500N

  • Material : nylon ribbon and metal components.

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