CCS Fireman's outfit

CCS Fireman's outfit

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Fireman's outfit box 1pc
protective clothing 1pc
Helmet c/w visor & neck curtain 1pc
Fireman boots 1pair
Safety lamp 1pc
Fire axe with insulated handle 1pc
6L self-contained breathing apparatus 1pc
Life line 30m c/w snap-hook 1pc
Safety belt 1pc

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Each locker contains:

  • 1  Fireman's outfit box (G.R.P, segregation compartment type)

  • 1  protective clothing

  • 1  pair of fireman boots

  • 1  pair of fire resistant gloves

  • 1  rigid helmet c/w visor & neck curtain

  • 1  safety lamp

  • 1  fire axe with insulated handle

  • 1  self-contained breathing apparatus (6L)

  • 1  life line 30m c/w snap-hook and belt

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Protective Clothing For Fire Fighting

  • Flame retardant performance: damage length ≤ 10cm, continuous burning time ≤ 2s, no melting, dripping phenomenon.

  • Peeling strength: ≥9N/30mm.

  • Breaking strength: ≥ 650N.

  • Hydrostatic resistance: hydrostatic pressure ≥17KPa.

  • High-temperature performance of hard accessories: maintain the original function after 5 minutes at a temperature of 260 ℃.

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Fire-Fighting Rubber Boots

The boots weigh about 2.2 kg. Made of fire-retardant rubber, non-slip, anti-static, fireproof, waterproof, oil-resistant, anti smashing and anti puncture. There is a thin steel plate embedded in the bottom of the boots. It has good protection for ankle and feet. The interior of the sole is a lining of sterilized canvas and lined with a sponge bottom. The above products are all in line with national standards and can be used in conjunction with fireman's insulation clothing and chemical protective clothing.

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Fire Fighter’s Gloves

  • Cow-nappa leather

  • Lining with cut resistant insulation material (100% Para-aramide)

  • Eurotex membrane

  • Elastic tightening at the wrist

  • Kevlar thread

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Fire Fighting Helmet

  • Components: Helmets, wearing devices, masks, shawls

  • Impact absorption performance: <3457.6N

  • Combustion resistance: After the fire source leaves the cap, the flame of the cap is extinguished within 5s, and there is no obvious burning sign inside the cap.

  • Mask: No obvious deformation or damage after heat resistance test.

  • Fire helmet material: ABS reinforced plastic, shawl with a comprehensive waterproof flame retardant fabric.

  • Features: impact resistance, penetration resistance, flame resistance, adjustable wearable device.

  • Function: Its performance indicators fully meet the requirements of GA44-1997 Fire Helmet Standard.

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Handheld Explosion-Proof Light

  • ZDL-102 aluminum alloy material is used for die casting and coated with high-quality paint.

  • There is no through hole in the light housing, and the reed switch and the structure of the strong magnetic switch are used to ensure the explosion-proof performance.

  • The light has a safety locking screw to ensure that the light is not open in flammable and explosive places.It can only be used in a safe place by a special wrench to turn off the light cover when the power is turned off (the spare hex wrench should be kept by someone).

  • Using a DC power supply, battery 1 * 6 section.

  • Set photovoltaic beads: 7.2V 0.5A.

  • Set the illumination: 130LX lamps 10 meters away.

  • The use of ambient temperature -25℃~ +40℃, the relative temperature of the environment ≤ 90%.

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Fireman Axe

  • Material: carbon steel

  • Hardness: between 48-52HRC

  • Weight: 2.8kg

  • Size: 250*835mm

  • Advantages: sturdy and durable, easy to carry

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Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

DX-marine self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is widely used in fire control, chemical, ship, oil, smelting, electric power, warehouse, laboratory, mine and other key departments for fire fighting, fire, gas, steam, and oxygen. It is a safe and effective for fire extinguishing and rescue. An ideal personal breathing protection device.

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Fireproof lifeline

  • Length : 40m 

  • Diameter : 12mm 

  • Weight: 3.3kg 

  • Breaking load : 5 kN 

  • Material : The inner core of  Ф4.2mm aviation steel wire rope, outsourcing double braided twine, elastic hook is made of stainless steel.

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Safety Belt

  • Weight: 0.5kg

  • Bearing weight 887.8 kg

  • Length 115.5 cm    

  • Width  7.5 cm  

  • Features: wear resistance, flame retardancy, working pull 4500N

  • Material : nylon ribbon and metal components.

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