Thermal Protective Aid YYTPA-A (CCS)

Thermal Protective Aid YYTPA-A (CCS)

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                                                                                              Thermal Protective Aid


A、Type:  YYTPA-A


     1996 amendment to the International. Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea.1974、MSC.48(66)、MSC.81(70)、MSC.226(82)、MSC.323(89).

C、 Technical parameter

  • Fabric material: Polyamide composited with aluminum foil and polyester fiber

  • Work temperature: -30℃~65℃

  • Fabric watertight integrity: Endure 2m high-pressure of water colum

  • Thermal insulation properties: Thermal Conductivity of the product is not more than 7800 W/(m²k)

D、 Function

     YYTPA-A type insulation equipment for lifeboats and rafts inner distress staff to keep warm in a cold environment, and also for rescued drowning people to keep warm when the wind blowing to the body.

E、Wearing instructions

  1. Spread Thermal Protective Aid;

  2. Unzip, then the body into the product;

  3. Adjust the position in it to comfort;

  4. Pull zipper, fasten the face strap.


1.The thermol protective aid shall be stored at a ventilate cool and dry place, and it must be protected from high temperature and sun light, no contact with acid, alkali, salt and oil, and no heavy something pressing on the suit long time to avoid damaging it. Packaging wrinkles that appear in the store as normal. 

2.No contact with sharp objects to avoid damaging its waterproofing feature. choosing the right storage place to avoid the product being bitted by mice.

3.Inner clothing of the lifesaving suit shall be turned out periodical to dry if it is worn often, to wash the suit, please use a neutral detergent and soft brush. after rinse clean and let it natural dry.

4.Please check the product at regular intervals, if found any damage , the product should be replaced.

G、Approved: CCS 

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