Fire Hose Couplings 中德式 65mm(2.5*)

Fire Hose Couplings 中德式 65mm(2.5*)

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Fire Hose couplings


A、 Technical parameter

Nominal Diameter: 65mm


Suitable medium:Water


When in use the discharge end of the hose will be fitted with a nozzle so that the operator may control the manner in which water is projected at a fire. Standard nozzle sizes are 12 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm.

Couplings of the same size may have different diameter tails to suit various hose sizes (e.g. a 21/2 inch Instantaneous coupling may be provided with 25, 38, 45, 50 or 65 mm tails).

Other types of coupling frequently found include Russian ROTT, Russian GOST, British Nunan and Stove, Swedish SMS, Japanese Nakajima, and Norwegian Nor couplings.

Some couplings consist of a male and female section of different but compatible designs. With this type of coupling each hose would have a male coupling at one end and a female coupling at the other.

Couplings that have male and female parts that are identical are known as Hermaphrodite couplings.

C、Inspection & Maintenance

  • After use flush with clean fresh water

  • Inspect after use or at intervals of not greater than one month

  • Check any release mechanism (e.g. the lugs on instantaneous couplings) for free movement

  • Inspect the sealing rings

  • Use lubricants as recommended by the manufacturer. For the bolt and spring in an instantaneous connection this may be lithium grease

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                        ANSI TYPE HOSE COUPLING

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                    MACHINO TYPE HOSE COUPLING

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