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Safety belt



B、 Technical parameter

  • Weight: 0.5kg

  • Bearing weight : 887.8 kg

  • Length : 115.5 cm    

  • Width :  7.5 cm  

  • Features: wear resistance, flame retardancy, working pull 4500N

  • Material : nylon ribbon and metal components.

C、 Application     

      Mountaineering, vertical drooping, outreach training, project protection, etc. Fire safety belt  must be used in conjunction with safety hooks and safety ropes. The safety belt is attached to the waist of the firefighter and carries two half-ring buckles to take the job. If a safety hook is hung on each of the two semicircular rings, the fire man's  play a balancing role when they are hanging on or hanging down. The Fire safety belt  is a reliable equipment for the fire man's ascending safety protection and can also be used as a safety belt for other departments.

D、 Instructions     

1. To ensure safety, the active clip must be fastened when worn. The safety hook must be locked with the insurance hook . It must not be used at a temperature higher than 120°C. Check it before each use and if find found abnormal, immediately stop the use. Do not touch open flames, acidic substances, hit with sharp objects and expose to sunlight.

2. The use of Fire safety belt  should be high and low to prevent swing collisions . It is not allowed to use the rope knotted or directly hung on the safety rope. It should be hung on the connecting ring.

3. Should always be cleaned, wash with soapy water, store in 0 °C ~ 30 °C, relative humidity below 80% in the warehouse, should not be exposed to fire, acid, do not hit with sharp objects, exposure.

E、 Advantages

1. During mountaineering activities, encounter a steep slope that can't go down, find a firm fixed point, a rope and use it double up. After going down, you can pull a rope and pull the rope away, without leaving any equipment on the steep slope.

2. The fire safety belt is  worn very quickly and conveniently, the belts are wide and the downhill process will not cause backaches. When emergency rescue from a high building, can escape from the scene very quickly.

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