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Safety Lamp

A、Technical parameter

  • Rated Voltage: 2.4V

  • Degree of IP: IP67

  • Class of Explosion-proof: Exd II CT6 Gb

  • Use a battery-powered standard (2 x1. 5 v), incandescent bulbs.

  • Working time:15h

  • Scope of application: sites with IIA, IIB, IIC gas and a class of two types.

  • Weight: 150g (no battery, containing battery 300g)


     Fireman’s lamps are battery operated and must have a duration of not less than three hours. They may be either of the hand-held type or cap mounted. Hand-held lamps must have a belt clip or other suitable hands-free carrying method. The batteries should be of the re-chargeable type.

     The lamps are divided into classes as described below. Class I lamps will normally be provided, except that Class II may be accepted in some older ships. Safety lamps of all Classes should be suitable for use in atmospheres where mixtures of air and flammable gases may occur.


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Class I

For use in any vessel, including those where flammable gases or vapours may occur. lamps of this class are suitable for use on oil tankers but may not be suitable for all flammable cargoes. Any lamp supplied to a particular vessel must be suitable for use with.

Class II

For use in vessels where there is no risk of flammable gas or vapour. lamps of Class II already accepted may remain, but no further lamps will be accepted in this class.

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