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Lifebuoy quick release rack

A、Technical parameter

  • Material:Fiberglass

  • Thickness:5mm~7mm

  • Accessories:304 stainless steel hinges and hardware

  • Certification: manufacturer certification

B、 Introduction

     Lifebuoy quick release rack is composed of two parts, the left quick release rack and the right quick release rack. The 2 is one pair, the specification: 760 x 700 x 200mm, the material is fiberglass. The lifebuoy is a necessary preserver for the ship.

C、 Installation steps

  1. Fix the lifebuoy quick release rack on the wall;

  2. When installing, the user determines the installation location. The diameter of the 3 installation holes is 18mm hole on the side of the ship (The back of the lifebuoy quick release rack), and the M16 can be used to fix the release rack of the lifebuoy on the side of the ship.

  3. Turn the insurance pin and pull out.

D、 The principle of insurance sales

  1. The pin in insurance status (active natural head drooping, stainless steel rod pull out).

  2. 180 degree rotation of the termination of the insurance deduction (activity discounts and stainless steel bars in parallel, not falling), pull out the mandrel.

Odoo image and text block
Odoo image and text block

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