How to inflate SCBA cylinder?
                             writer: winson
April 6, 2018
DX-Marine shanghai office

    Before we know about inflation, please look at the two pictures below. The first one is an air compressor, and the second is cylinders.

Odoo image and text block
Odoo image and text block

      Before inflation, we need to do the following preparations. First of all, we need to carefully check whether there is any abnormal air gas pump oil level line, triangle belt, high pressure hose and so on. Check the circuit to ensure its normal use. Check whether the volume of the inflatable pump needs lubricating oil. After testing, the cylinders can be inflated.

The specific operation steps are as follows:

1, open the separator on the condensing drain valve, unload the compressor, shut down the drain valve after the compressor is stable, and connect the high pressure hose connector to the cylinder connector (closed state).

2, open the valve, the compressor will inflate the gas to cylinder. When the pressure reach the required value, turn off the valve on the cylinder, and quickly open the compressor at all levels of the discharge valve, so that the compressor unloading operation, discharge all the high-pressure gas and water of the pipe.

3, close the compressor, unload the cylinder connection.

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Here we would like to emphasize a few points of attention:

1. Term of cylinder validity is 15 years. When the cylinder is prepared to inflate, the term of the cylinder validity should be detected. Otherwise the cylinder is not allowed to be inflated to prevent the explosion of the cylinder. And the gas cylinder is marked with gas charging pressure and not overcharged.

2. The air compressor should be installed in the clean air environment when the using. If the environment of the compressor is in bad condition, it will cause the gas filled into the cylinder is not safe, and it will cause damage to many parts of the it.

3. Do not choose to use inferior gas cylinders, so as not to cause serious consequences due to the quality problems of cylinders.

4. If there is a power failure or a sudden shutdown during the operation of gas charging, we should cut off the power switch immediately, then check it.

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