Why cylinder cannot fill up?

March 30, 2018
DX marine Production Department-SCBA / EEBD

      The air pressure in the cylinder was always not up to 30MPa when the customer was consulted before the self supplied air respirator gas cylinder, and the pressure could not be filled enough to indicate the shortening of the use time. What is the reason of the air pressure in the self-contained air respirator can not reach 30MPa, Now we will explain to you the problem.

      At present, the cylinder of SCBA is inflated by the compressor. If it is the quality problem or failure of the pump itself, the pressure can not reach 30MPa. Therefore, if it is found that the pressure can not be filled, the air pressure of the compressor should be checked first. Regulation of air pressure, the specific way is to check the compressor valves are closed, and then open the press to pressure, observe the pressure gauge on the compressor can reach the rated pressure or even above.

      Another point is that the air is endothermic when it is compressed, that is to say, the gas in the cylinder is filled with heat and expands. We feel that the cylinder is hot. When the gas is cold  in the cylinder, the volume of the air will become smaller in a period of time. The body pressure is less than 30MPa, which is a normal phenomenon, rather than a gas cylinder fault. When inflated, the air pressure can be slightly higher than 30MPa to ensure enough gas.

     There are also some other reasons that cause the air pressure of the self-contained air breathing apparatus can't reach 30MPa. We will continue to analyze it later.