Knowledge of EEBD

March 16, 2018

DX marine Production Department-SCBA / EEBD

How to choose EEBD and quantity?

Everyone knows SCBA for fire and rescue. But do you know EEBD?

In addition to the structure of the vessel facilitating escape from enclosed compartments as described in Section D, emergency escape breathing devices are to be provided so that, in the event of fire or other emergency, they may be readily available to aid escape.

Typically the emergency escape breathing device will be a compressed air breathing set of limited duration: say, 5 or 10 minutes. Instead of the full harness and tight fitting facemask found with a compressed air breathing set the escape set will normally be in a carrying bag that can be slung over the shoulder and include a high visibility hood which incorporates an orinasal mask and a neck seal.

Within accommodation areas all ships are to carry at least two emergency escape breathing devices. Small passenger vessels are to have at least two such devices in each main vertical zone, whilst vessels that carry more than 36 passengers must have four per vertical zone. The machinery spaces of all vessels require emergency escape breathing devices sited conspicuously and within easy reach. The quantity of emergency escape breathing devices within machinery spaces is dependant on the layout of the space and the number of persons normally working there.

As with any emergency use equipment it is important that those who might have to use the items are comfortable wearing the sets and familiar with their use.

Besides, we must consider the structure of ship form.