Inspection and maintenance of any self-contained breathing apparatus must be carried out by a competent person and strictly in accord with the manufacturers' instructions. The detailed instructions for each set will vary with the make and model.

After each use of a BA set it is necessary to ensure that it is stowed in a condition whereby it is ready again for immediate use. Follow the detailed instructions given by the manufacturer; they will generally include the following:

  • Clean the set thoroughly;

  • The full face mask should be cleaned with mild neutral detergent and disinfectant lotion, then thoroughly rinsed with clean water and dried naturally. Do not soak the mask in alcohol disinfectants for a long period of time and do not use steam for disinfection. Check that the fastenings are in good order;

  • The surface of the components such as backplate, cylinder valve, pressure reducer, high pressure gauge, alarm and so on can be cleaned without plush soft cloth or gauze;

  • Inspect the complete set for damage and any loose fittings;

  • After use, the gas cylinder is wiped clean with soft cloth, and labelled it is the identification of empty bottle, so that it can be inflated in time. Fit a fully charged cylinder;

  • Complete high pressure and low pressure tests disinfect the facemask;

  • Re-stow the equipment in a ready-to-use condition and complete all use and test records;

  • The maintenance of SCBA in full dry after the correct position into the packing box, stored in the air fresh, away from the heat source, without direct sunlight in the environment. It is forbidden to store in damp environment for a long time to prevent mildew.

  • All equipment must be inspected at regular intervals, the inspection cycle is not more than one month, and always after use in practice or in an emergency. It should never be stowed when wet or dirty.