Check before use:

Gas source pressure check:   open the cylinder valve switch, observe the high-pressure guage, require the air pressure in the cylinder is 27-30MPa. If the pressure inside the cylinder is not enough, please fill it to the specified pressure value at the professional filling station before use.

Overall air tightness check: open the valve switch, observe the readings of the pressure gauge, turn off later, and drop the readings of the pressure gauge not more than 2MPa for one minute, indicating that the overall airtightness of the equipment is good. In this process, the gas supply valve is closed.

The residual gas alarm device check: open the valve switch, turn off later, turn the pressure relief valve hand wheel slow exhaust, observe the pressure gauge pointer drop, when the pressure drops to 5-6MPa, the alarm should send out whistle alarm signal.

The face mask airtightness check: Wear a full face mask and cover the interface of the mask with the palm of your hand. Take a few deep breaths without opening the cylinder valve. If you feel breathing difficulties, it means that the full face mask has good airtightness, otherwise it is the opposite.

The supply of demand valve check: Open the cylinder valve switch, wear a full-face mask, connect the gas supply valve, take a deep breath, and the supply valve will “click” to open the air supply. During the air supply, take a deep breath several times to check the performance of the gas supply valve. If the inhalation and exhalation are comfortable without discomfort, and the gas supply valve should be freely supplied or stopped with the breathing of the wearer, that is, to supply air when inhaling, and stop the air supply when breathing and holding the breath. This shows that the gas supply valve is in good condition, which can guarantee the effective use of compressed air.

Close the gas supply valve switch, open the bypass valve switch, continue to supply air in the mask, and continue the air flow after the bypass valve is closed. This indicates that the gas supply valve and the bypass valve are working properly.

Other parts check:

  1. Belt, facemask belt and card buckle intact without breakage;

  2. Cylinder is correctly positioned and firmly fixed on the back plate;

  3. High pressure tube and medium pressure tube without kink, damage and so on;

  4. The face window of the facemask is clean and bright.

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Attention in use:

  1. The use of the cylinder valve is in full open state;

  2. It is necessary to check the cylinder pressure gauge frequently during use. If found the pointer of the high pressure tube drops rapidly or the air leakage can not be excluded, it should be evacuated immediately.

  3. Use the feeling of respiratory resistance increased, dyspnea, dizziness and other uncomfortable phenomena, and other unknown reasons should be evacuated immediately.

  4. When you hear the residual gas alarm whistle, you should evacuate the scene immediately.