Simple classification of chemical protective clothing

  writer: Allen Zhang
April 6, 2018 
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Chemical protective clothing is not a stranger to us. It is a special labor insurance clothing, which can protect acids, alkalis, liquids, solid chemicals and corrosive dust. When we first come into contact with the protective clothing, we are not very familiar with these nouns for light protective clothing, heavy protective clothing, liquid tight protective clothing, and airtight protective clothing, and we do not know what they represent. Then I will explain it to you one by one.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

 Protective clothing is divided into light and heavy chemical protective clothing protective clothing, heavy chemical protective clothing is also called A suit or closed protective clothing.

Heavy chemical protective clothing is a kind of chemical warfare suits in the highest level, is the highest protective products. The main rubber cloth is made of brocade silk fabric with flame retardant and tackling treatment, double coated with flame retardant and anti chemical surface adhesive, and the main rubber cloth can only produce carbonization, insoluble drops and good strength when encountering fire. The main body of the cloth is made of fitted - sewing - stick technology, clothing main body and gloves, and with flame retardant, resistance to voltage, anti - puncture boots or fire rubber boots to form a complete set of clothing.

The light protective clothing is a chemical protective clothing other than heavy chemical protective clothing. The level of light chemical protective clothing is B, C and D class chemical protective clothing. It can effectively protect chemical solvents, dust particles and virus invasion. The scope of application is very extensive, and it is used in medical and health, chemical plant operation, spraying industry and so on.

In general, liquid tight type chemical suits are light chemical protective clothing. Airtight chemical protective clothing is the heavy chemical protective clothing. The liquid and solid chemical can prevent the liquid and solid chemicals from entering the protective clothing to harm the human body. The airtight protective clothing can not only prevent the liquid and the solid, but also prevent the harmful gas from entering the protective clothing to harm the human body. So, the airtight chemical protective clothing protective level than liquid tight protective clothing must be high level.

Above, a brief introduction to the protective clothing of the noun, hoping to help you. More product knowledge, please continue to pay attention to our website.