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Spare air cylinder 6L


     SOLAS 1974, as amended

B、Technical parameter 

  • Capacity: 6L

  • Material: Steel

  • Working pressure: 30MPa

  • Alarm pressure: 4-6MPa

  • Hydraulic test pressure: 45MPa

  • Design of wall thickness:4.75mm

  • Outside diameter: 140mm

  • Height: 630mm

  • Storage capacity: 1800L

  • Available time: 60min

  • Water pressure detection cycle: 5 years / cycle

  • Service life: 15 years

C、Pay attention to matters

  1. Gas filling pressure of the cylinder is prohibited more than the cylinder label work pressure (reference temperature 20℃).

  2. Keep bottle screw and cylinder internal dry, grease contamination on the cylinder valves shall be strictly prohibited.

  3. Filling or partial filling of any gas on the label not specified.

  4. It is prohibited to remove, fuzzy or change the cylinder manufacturer’s label or logo.

  5. It is forbidden to completely deflate the gas of the cylinder (remain 0.1 MPa), unless unload the valve.

  6. It is prohibited that to fill the gas to the cylinder has exceed the review cycle, gas cylinder test cycle is 5 years, inspection shall be performed by detection enterprise with the detection qualification. In the use process of the gas cylinder, if find any serious corrosion and damage or have doubts about its security, should be tested in advance. Cylinders that is subjected to collision, fire or other damage should stop using, and should be detected in accordance with relevant standards, norms.

  7. Artificial heating of cylinder is forbidden.

  8. If find breakage, damage or obvious scratch, should not be filled.

  9. Filling air cylinder is banned.


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