Pilot Ladder

Type:  YYYRT

Technical Paramenter 

 1、Short Board   

     Material: Import Liu An; Size: 525 *115* 28 mm , antiskid lines on the surface; Orifice: φ32mm.


2、Long Board   

     Material: Import Liu An; Size: 1800 *115* 28 mm , antiskid lines on the surface; Orifice: φ32mm.

3、Flat Board   

     Material: Ding Qing rubber with steel frame inside; Size:525*115*30mm , antiskid lines on the surface; Orifice: φ32mm.




4、Thimble: ABS


5、Hoop lock: 

     Aluminium alloy clasp, 20mm wide,3mm thick


6、Side rope

     Material: Sisal rope, size: φ22mm, Tensile strength: more than 24kn


IMO Res A.1045(27); ISO 799(2004) Reg. V/23 of SOLAS 74 as amended, IMO Res.A.1045(27), IMO MSC/Cire.1428


  1. When the waterline from the entrance to the minimum distance of 9m or less in time, can be used separately under the pilot ladder, in the case of more than 9m, the use of pilot ladder and the side supporting ladder (or string ladder) and use the type. Ladder at the bottom out of the water 1m. 

  2. Equipped with pilot ladder handrails on both sides to claim 2 and claim a safe, white coir rope diameter of 28mm, handrails and safety cable with cable length of the lateral cord of the same length of the ladder, up and down the pilot ladder, it will safety cable strapped to his body, when the pilot ladder fall, we should not fall into the sea. Therefore, security should be used with appropriate adjustments in cable length.

  3. Pilot ladder should be installed away from the water side of the ship and the ship finer lines part of the hole and place the ship loading and unloading cargo.

Approve :   CCS MED EC SOLAS

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