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YYF-I Immersion Suits

Type: YYF-I
Technical Parameter  

     The outer fabric: Oxford cloth coating    

     buoyancy: More than 142N  

     Weight: ≤ 4.5kg

     Package size: 640*330*210mm


IMO.Res.MSC.81(70) as amended; Reg.III/7, Reg.III/22, Reg.III/32, Reg.III/34 of SOLAS 74 as amended; IMO.Res.MSC.36(63); IMO.Res.MSC.48(66); IMO.Res MSC.97(73); MSC 207(81); MSC 323(89). 

Overall Performance & Requirement    

    The wearers body core temperature does not fall more than 2 ℃ at a temperature of between 0 ℃  and 2 ℃ .

    More than 142N and the decrease of buoyancy is less than 5 % after submerging in fresh water for 24 hours.   

   Water permeability amount is less than 200g after the wearer has floated on water one hour.


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