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Fireproof lifeline


     SOLAS 1974, as amended; MSC.61(67)-(FTP code)

B、 Technical parameter

    • Length :  ≥30m
    • Diameter: 5mm
    • Breaking load : 3.5 kN
    • High pressure resistance : 20000V
    • Material
: Ф5mm steel wire rope with rubber cover and two hook


  1. Wire rope can transmit long-distance loads.

  2. It has a large safety  bearing  factor and is safe and reliable to use.

  3. Light weight, easy to carry and transport.

  4. Can withstand multiple loads and variable loads.

  5. Has high tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness.

  6. Under high-speed working conditions, it is wear-resistant, shock-resistant, and stable in operation.

  7. Good corrosion resistance, able to work in harsh environments of various harmful media.

  8. It has good softness and is suitable for many applications such as traction, pulling and tying.

D、Approved: EC MED SOLAS                                   

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