Embarkation Ladder


Technical parameter   


1、Wood step 

      Material:Import Liu An,size:525*115*28mm,antiskid lines on the surface. 

2、Rubber step    

  Material:Ding Qing rubber with steel frame inside,size: 525*115*30mm , antis-kid lines on the surface

3、Thimble: ABS

4、Hoop lock:

Aluminium alloy clasp, 20mm wide,3mm thick  

5、Side rope

     Material: Sisal rope, size: φ22mm, Tensile strength: more than 24kn


ISO5489:2008(E),IMO Res MSC.81(70) Reference standards: Reg. III/11, Reg.Ⅲ/34 of SOLAS 74 Convention as amended, Res.MSC.36(63)-(1994 HSC Code), Res MSC.48(66)-(LSA Code), Res.MSC.97(73)-(2000 HSC Code), MSC.1/Circ.1285. 

Overall Performance & Requirement

     The steps and attachments shall not be cracked shall not be cracked, broken, or loosened. The ladder shall not sustain damage.

     Ladder and step attachment strength:

     Apply a static load of 8.8kN widely distributed over the bottom step for a period of at least 1 min, so that the load is applied evenly between the side ropes through the step attachment fittings.Steps shall not break or crack. Attachments between any step and a side rope shall not loosen or break. Side ropes shall not sustain any observable damage, elongation, or deformation that remains after the test load is removed. 


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