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Fireproof lifeline


     SOLAS 1974, as amended

B、 Technical parameter

• Length : 40m
• Diameter : 12mm
• Weight: 3.3kg
• Breaking load : 5 kN
• Material : The inner core of  Ф4.2mm aviation steel wire rope, outsourcing double braided twine, elastic hook is made of stainless steel.

C、 Application     

     This product is widely used in fire  fighting  equipment, military exercises, high-rise residential, outdoor climbing rock climbing downhill   Hotel , hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public entertainment and other emergency fire rescue, escape rescue products necessary.

D、 Instructions     

  1. Take out the fireproof lifeline and hang the safety hooks on the fixed frame or any stable support.

  2. Cast the fireproof lifeline to the floor outside the building to relieve the ropes.

  3. Put the fireproof lifeline safety harness under the arm and tighten the slide fastener to a suitable position.

  4. From the window or platform, facing the wall with a fireproof lifeline to fall.

  5. After landing, quickly loosen the slide of the fireproof lifeline, take off the seat belt and leave the site.

  6. In special circumstances, the fireproof lifeline  can support and hold a child facing the wall.

  7. Attention: Only scratch down the fireproof lifeline  itself, do not catch another rope.

E、Approved: CCS

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