2018 summary of the first quarter summary meeting

 Writer: Robert Zhang

May 11 2018

DX-Marine CEO Office

2018 summary of the first quarter summary meeting

Before the meeting, we will inform the general situation of the new international shipbuilding industry.

According to statistics, as of May 11, 2018, the world's shipyards held 3077 orders, totaling 77468051CGT. Compared with the 3150 vessels, totaling 78973432CGT, recorded on April 10, 2008, the number of hand-held orders fell by 2.32% and the revised total tonnage fell by 1.91%.

Among them, Chinese shipyards have 1 539 hand-held orders, totaling 29245684CGT, accounting for 50.02% of the global market share and 37.75% of the CGT; Japanese shipyards have 564 hand-held orders, totaling 14982559CGT, accounting for 18.33% of the global market share and 19.34% of the CGT; Korean shipyards have 376 hand-held orders, totaling 16699013CGT, 16699013CGT. Shipping accounts for 12.22% of global market share and CGT accounts for 21.56%.

From the perspective of the main types of ships, the order volume of bulk carriers is 728, totaling 81465856 tonnes; the order volume of tankers is 738, totaling 69479758 tonnes; and the order volume of container ships is 372, totaling 2712962 TEU.

Judging from the current situation, although the number of Chinese shipbuilding is the first, but the number of high value-added ships is very small, still controlled by Japan and South Korea. The demand for this stage is also due to the revival of the shipping industry. D therefore, dealers and salesmen should continue to work hard. This round of elimination is cruel, and the war is still not over.

At the end of last month, the monthly financial report was released, and shipments increased significantly after the Spring Festival. An increase of 31.7% over last year, exceeding the expectation of the market department. The repayment situation has also been improved compared with last year. The production department is in a tense and busy state, the production minister needs to remind overtime colleagues to pay attention to rest and maintain a healthy routine. As the weather gets warmer, we start the latest schedule. As the workshops are currently busy, the human resources management department is needed to help recruit front-line workers. The sales department also replied that orders were too late, and many new orders had to be pushed out and delayed. All departments need to work together to create the next peak.

Although the company's products are excellent, but still need everyone's joint efforts to get more recognition and market.

The other contents of the meeting will not be elaborated here, the final need to say is that the heads of production departments need to do a good job in safety production to ensure orderly production.