Inflatable life jackets can save our lives in a crisis , so choosing a good inflatable is very important for us .  We should try our best to know more about the basis of these kinds of inflatable lif阅读

中国驻刚果使馆、援刚医疗队为中国船员护航, 成功救助华洋重患船员 事情发生的很突然。就在不久前的一天,3 月 6日,从西非港口 ABIJDAN 开航的巴拿马籍货轮船员加诚出现了发烧的症状,当时只当做小感冒处理的他并未想到事情的严重性。3月9日深夜,加诚体温已超过40度,病情迅速恶化,开始出现昏迷、大小便失禁等症状。船长立即联络公司,并向陆地医生咨询病情,考虑为疟疾或者登革热。在船员的生命面前,一切航行计划阅读

The fire fighting equipmrnt is wideiy used everywhere nowadays and it is necessary for us to choose to purchase good products. Today a powerful army of fire fighters stands ready to help the moment a fire阅读

The immersion suits are made of  Oxford cloth coating. The buoyancy of the immersion suits are more than 142N  . The weight of the immersion suits are less than 4.5kg. The size of the 阅读