Swimming ring is not equal to lifebuoy ring

We all know that the swimming ring is an item for people who can’t swim to learn to swim and keep safe. Do you know that there is a lifebuoy ring ? 

The lifebuoy ring can actually be seen in our lives, that is, the red and white that we usually see in the swimming pool, and the one that is hung on the boat is a lifebuoy. What is the difference between the swimming ring and lifebuoy ring ? Then let us explain for you .
The swimming ring is generally a round closed plastic, which can be inflated inside, and has the same shape and principle as the tire of the car, but the material and function are different. 

It is mainly used in water, and has a certain buoyancy after being filled with air, which can make the object difficult. Sinking into the water, many children and beginner swimmers must use weapons to help learn to swim and ensure safety.
The lifebuoy ring , as its name suggests, is a tool used for lifesaving and lifesaving. When a large flood or flood occurs, many people are trapped in the water. Lifeguards generally use lifebuoy rings to save people. His role is to save. People, to prevent people from drowning and dying.

The similar thing between them are that :(1) The same is true for use in the water;

                                                                 (2) The same shape, all round, difficult to distinguish from the outside;

                                                                 (3) The principle is the same, they are all inflated, generating buoyancy, floating on the water;

                                                                 (4) The same effect, so that the body floats up, preventing people from drowning in the water and protecting them;
Also the differences are that : (1) The material is different. The swimming ring is usually a plastic product. The lifebuoy is usually made of cork, foam or other lightweight materials with a small specific gravity.

                                               (2) The swimming ring is not resistant to oil, non-refractory, non-resistant, high temperature resistant, and easy to break; lifebuoy is resistant to oil, fire, pressure, high temperature, and production
                                               (3) The swimming ring has a cute shape, novel style, bright colors and convenient carrying. It is a playmate for beginners; the lifebuoy has a single style and no color difference;
                                               (4) The swimming ring belongs to the water toy, and the lifebuoy is a life-saving tool;
The swimming ring is defined as a water toy, and only the toy standard is implemented. Compared with the real lifebuoy ring , the weight of the swimming ring is too light and it is difficult to throw accurately .

There are many shortcomings about the swimming ring rather than the real lifebuoy ring .

The swimming ring is easy to break the air leak , the pressure resistance is very poor, and it is easy to burst; the plastic surface is wet and slippery, which is difficult to grasp.

The popular inflatable circular swimming ring on the market has various patterns and the price ranges from more than ten yuan to several tens of yuan. 

The above will usually indicate: only as a water toy, not a life-saving equipment, need to be accompanied by an adult, avoid sharp pointers and other safety tips.

Some swimming rings on the market are still three products, the quality is very poor, it is easy to leak, broken or even exploded, the safety factor is extremely low!

So, how do we choose a good swimming ring for our children and safely go swimming? 

What’s more , it’s important for us to choose to buy a high-quality lifebuoy ring .

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